How Is the Viscon Product Tested?


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Viscon International

The equity owner of Viscon USA and Viscon International, Levon Termendzhyan manufactures and distributes the Viscon product, a diesel fuel additive that boosts performance and reduces particulate-matter emissions. Under the leadership of Levon Termendzhyan, this product has been successfully tested in numerous countries around the world, including Turkey, Australia, and Canada.

To evaluate the Viscon fuel-additive correctly, governments, companies, and institutions need to separate participating engines into a candidate group and a control group. The former receives the Viscon product and must consist of at least 10 to 15 engines for the results to be significant. Meanwhile, the control group also consists of 10 to 15 engines, but these systems do not receive the fuel additive.

At the beginning, both candidate and control groups are measured using untreated diesel fuel to obtain a baseline score. This test should last at least 50 hours or one month and include records of the fuel added to the tank, the total amount used during the trial period, and averages in both groups. The candidate group then receives the Viscon additive and continues operating for at least 150 hours or three months. Again, operational mileage, total fuel used, and averages are recorded for both groups.

A second baseline measurement can also be completed at the end of the treatment trial. However, this one is optional. Once all the information is gathered, comparisons between the two groups can be made to determine the effects of the Viscon product.