Armenian-Born Entrepreneur Levon Termendzhyan

Levon Termendzhyan has spent 30 years building a successful career in the clean air and energy industries. A proven leader, Levon Termendzhyan oversees business operations at companies including Viscon International, Lion Tank Line, Noil Energy Group, and SBK Holding.

While Lion Tank Line operates solely in Southern California, Termendzhyan’s many other companies function internationally. Viscon International backs Viscon, a diesel fuel additive that reduces harmful emissions, and encourages foreign governments to adopt the product. Meanwhile, Noil Energy Group has created various joint ventures with Native American tribes, and SBK Holding operates as an umbrella company to over half a dozen companies in Turkey.

Born in Armenia, Termendzhyan began his career at the age of 14, working at a local gas station. He leased his first gas station a few years later, and had three gas stations by the age of 18. This involvement in the industry eventually resulted in the creation of Lion Tank Lines in California, where he has lived since moving to the United States in 1980.

Most recently, Levon Termendzhyan has been negotiating with the Morongo Tribe in California to provide gasoline fuel requirements to their travel center. He is also in discussions with the Crow Nation of Montana to enter into a joint venture.