To advocate for and advance the cause of clean energy, Levon Termendzhyan builds business relationships across the United States and beyond. He stands out as head of Viscon International, the leading distributor and provider of financial resources for the Viscon product, which reduces particulate matter (PM) emissions in biofuels. Levon Termendzhyan has brought the product, currently mandated for use in Texas and pending approval with the California Air Resources Board for a similar mandate, into active use in India and pending use in Mexico, Australia, and Turkey.

Also a member of the San Francisco Global Trade Council, Levon Termendzhyan has made connections in multiple worldwide energy markets. He recently started a joint venture partnership with an Indonesian manufacturer of biofuels, which he is working to bring to the US market, and is in the process of negotiating a fuel delivery agreement with the government of Turkey.

Levon Termendzhyan also has established strong working relationships with Native American tribes. In a joint venture with a Nation Tribe in Yakima, Washington, he created First American Petroleum, which strives to support fuel delivery to tribal lands as they move toward clean biofuels. Mr. Termendzhyan also is in current contact with the Crow Nation of Montana, which has expressed interest in a joint venture to help them move toward manufacturing synthetic ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuels.