What Is an FBO?

FBO, fixed base operators

For more than three decades, Levon Termendzhyan has been working in the energy industry in California. The owner of 12 diesel truck stops throughout Southern California, he leads Viscon USA as an equity owner. In addition, Levon Termendzhyan owns several rental properties, including an FBO.

FBOs, also known as fixed base operators, provide various services to private jet pilots at established airports. Most of these entities are run by commercial companies and typically offer self-pump or full-service fueling options. However, they may make additional services available, such as aircraft sales, hangar maintenance, flying lessons, and a lounge for patrons.

Unlike many other airport services, FBOs operate as part of the hospitality industry. This means they may offer luxury services or hotel services to private pilots. Not every FBO is the same, but many have reception staff, Wi-Fi access, bathroom facilities, and accommodations for pilots.

While the interior of an FBO is luxurious, the exterior is rather muted. These entities do not advertise their location at the airport with signs and arrows in order to protect the identities of their customers. Instead, a private limo driver or friend who knows the location of the FBO transports clients to and from the building. In fact, major airports may have several FBO locations and most commercial flight passengers won’t know about them.