Emissions-Friendly Viscon Additive Tested and Demonstrated in Quebec


Viscon International,pic

Viscon International
Image: visconinternational.com

As equity owner of Viscon International, Levon Termendzhyan guides a California company that promotes clean air through a fuel additive designed to boost diesel vehicle efficiency and decrease particulate matter emissions. The additive produced by Levon Termendzhyan’s company was featured in a 2016 Truck News article about an event in Quebec hosted by Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Test and Research Center’s PIT Group.

Over the past decade, the high-speed track at the Motor Vehicle Test and Research Center (MVTRC) has been an epicenter of Canadian testing of fuel savings technologies. One of the vendors prominently featured at the 2016 event was Green Industry Innovations Group, an Ontario-headquartered company that has created the X1-R Lean Fuel Burn with the Viscon additive.

The benefits of Viscon as a fuel additive are already established. It has been approved for use toward emissions reduction goals by both the US Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board. Through the groundbreaking Texas Low Emission Diesel initiative, refineries in the state have treated billions of gallons of diesel with the additive, and Viscon has been tested in both test track and urban driving conditions through the Société des Alcools du Québec. This has increased the impetus for mandated use of the additive in jurisdictions across North America.

San Francisco Global Trade Council – Promoting International Ties


San Francisco Global Trade Council, pic

San Francisco Global Trade Council
Image: sfgtc.org

With an entrepreneurial career centered on Viscon International, the maker of a fuel additive for diesel that significantly cuts emissions, Levon Termendzhyan also guides companies such as Noil Energy Group, Lion Tank Line, and SBK Holding. Originally from Armenia and active in his professional community, Levon Termendzhyan is a member of the San Francisco Global Trade Council, which promotes commerce worldwide.

The organization was led for many years by founder Harry Orbelian, who grew up in a prominent Armenian family that was prosecuted by Stalin in the 1940s. Having experienced life as a soldier, displaced person, and prisoner of war, he emigrated to the United States in 1948. Orbelian received the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor for his efforts as a first-generation immigrant. Among his accomplishments was helping to arrange Mikhail Gorbachev’s groundbreaking San Francisco visit in 1990.

As a longtime Northern California District Export Council member, Orbelian envisioned the San Francisco Global Trade Council as an organization that would promote dialogue and stronger trade ties with countries around the world. In addition to organizing trade delegations to Russia and China, the council has undertaken a goodwill mission in Cuba.