Levon Termendzhyan – Energy Sector Leader on the World Stage

A leader in the global biofuels, clean energy, and energy delivery industries, Levon Termendzhyan owns several companies and has strong connections to many more. He has equity ownership in clean air company Viscon USA, the manufacturer of a diesel-emission-reducing additive mandated for use in Texas and under consideration in California. Also leading Viscon International, the additive’s primary distributor and backer on the international market, Levon Termendzhyan has facilitated testing of the product in four countries.

Levon Termendzhyan further stands out as owner and operator of Noil Energy Group, which has not only built a joint venture with an American Indian nation tribe in Yakima, Washington, but is also under consideration as a bulk crude oil transportation provider to the Turkish government. Mr. Temrendzhyan established Noil Energy as a subsidiary of SBK Holdings, which is the parent company to a number of Turkish entities.

Currently in the process of expanding his global interests, Levon Termendzhyan recently established a new SBK Holdings location in California focused on bridge and construction lending. He is also providing fuel supply services to both the Morongo Tribe of California and the Crow Nation of Montana, the latter of which has engaged his services in supporting the conversion of their coal reserves into synthetic ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD). Meanwhile, he takes an active role in his California community and is a regular supporter of health care initiatives in his native Armenia.